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Fluorescent brightener OB

Chemical name: 2,5-Bis(5-tert-butyl-2-benzoxazolyl)thiophene

OB Quality index:

Appearance: Milky white powder  
Assay: 98% 
Melting point: 200±1°C
Ash: ≤0.5% 
Moisture: ≤0.5% 
C.I.: 184

Uses & features:

OB is a widely used in plastics, chemical fiber, printing ink, paint and other varieties of one of the best varieties. It is characteristic of less dosage, high whiteness, strong fluorescence, especially in transparent resin manufacturing excellent results; It has heat resistance, weather resistance, unstable Color light suffused with yellow, etc; It can in polymerization, condensation, or to join in the process of addition polymerization monomer in the prepolymer, can also with powder, powder (masterbatch) in the form of plastics, chemical fiber form or join in the process, before can get good effect.